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DISASTERSHOCK contains 20 practical techniques for helping parents, adults, and children to calm themslves when dealing with the shock of a major disaster.

Watch this video in which Dr. Steven Zlutnick, Director of the Behavior Therapy Center of San Francisco and Professor Emeritus in Counseling Psychology at the University of San Francisco, describes helpful strategies for coping with emotional stress caused by the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Chapters from School-Based Family Counseling:

Transforming Family School Relationships (2013)

Phoenix, Arizona: Createspace.


The following six chapters deal with interventions

for helping children deal with traumatic events such

as: terrorist attacks, murder, violence, death and loss.

The authors use a School-Based Family Counseling

perspective which emphasizes school interventions

that also involve the family.

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Disaster Mental Health Core Competencies- CA Department of Mental Health

The Disaster Mental Health Core Competencies are comprehensive, widely supported, and set crucial guidelines for the training of disaster mental health service providers in ‘best practices’ and evidence-based interventions.

  1. Understand and describe key terms and concepts related to disaster mental/psychosocial/behavioral health preparedness and response.

  2. Communicate effectively.

  3. Assess the need for and type of intervention (if any).

  4. Formulate and implement an action plan.

  5. Demonstrate knowledge of responder peer-care and self-care techniques.

Child psychologist Larry Rubin, PhD explains how parents can help their children through this difficult time.