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Dr. Daniela Dominguez, USF Professor, Provided Support to Migrant and Deported Families

Dr. Daniela Dominguez volunteered at the Desayunador Salesiano “Padre Chava” last week serving migrant families and recently deported families. The Desayunador Salesiano “Padre Chava” was founded by the Salesian priest Salvador (Chava) Romo Gutierrez and Mrs. Margarita Andonaegui Padilla in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Dominguez volunteered at this soup kitchen and served over 1000 people daily providing breakfast meals and clean-up services. She collected donations through gofundme and funds were used to purchase hundreds of meals for migrant families in Tijuana. Pictures of families and children were not taken to respect their privacy. She also traveled to Playas of Tijuana to protest the deportations and hung a banner created by her students at USF.

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