This Disastershock book is intended to help families and communities to cope with disaster related stress such as that caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Part I describes ten effective methods to be used to reduce stress. Part 2 describes 12 stress reduction methods to be used with children. Although Part 2 was written primarily for parents, teachers and other adults working with children will find it useful. A unique feature of Disastershock is that its practical stress reduction methods are described in an explicit manner making them easy to learn. 

Olufunke Olufunsho Adegoke – Nigeria

Bhavna Agarwal- USA/India

Nyna Amin - South Africa

Parto Aram – USA

Vince Nyabunga Arasa - Kenya

Huda Ayyash-Abdo - Lebanon/USA

Liat Ben-Uzi – Israel

Helena Berger - Czechoslovakia

Priti Bhattacharya - India

Sagar Bhattacharya - India

Sandra Sanabria Bohórquez - Colombia/USA

Antoine P. Broustra - USA

Wei-Yi Chin - Taiwan

Julia Lam Iok Chu - China

Andrea Circella - Italy

Alexandre Coimbra – USA/Brazil

Lina Cuartas - Columbia/USA

Sibnath Deb - India

Shuyu Deng - China

Karin Dremel - USA

T.R.A.Devakumar – India

Elena Dvortsova - Russia

Susanne Ebert-Khosla - USA/Germany

Xinyue Fan – China

Yohko Fick - Japan

Damian Gallegos-Lemos - Ecuador/Spain

Brian Gerrard - Canada

Suzanne Giraudo – USA

Elaine Gouvêa - USA/Brazil

Jessica Gunawan - Indonesia

Seth Hamlin - USA

Aan Hermawan - Indonesia

Van Van Hoang– Vietnam

Ming-Kuo Hung - Taiwan

Lenka Josifkova – Czechoslovakia

Motoko Katayama - Japan

Tatiana Khalaf – Lebanon

Sheena Kim - USA

Joanna Wong Pui Kei - China

Sheena Kim - USA

Valerie Leong Pou Kio - China

Celina Korzeniowski – Argentina

Geliya Kudryavtseva – USA

Olga Kuznetsova - USA/Russia

Amy Lang - USA

Jia Rebecca Li - USA

Chung-Jung Lin - Taiwan

The Disastershock Team was formed in April, 2020 with members  from 26 countries. The team's mission is to translate Disastershock into different languages and rapidly disseminate free copies globally to the countries most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Akiko Lipton – Japan

Lucía Lemos - Ecuador

Marizela Maciel - USA

Elizabeth Moon – USA

Christine Nazareth - USA/Brazil

Julie Norton - USA

Sawyer Norton - USA

Yasemin Özkan – Turkey

Francesca Pagano – USA/Brazil

Kiran Pala - USA

Marie-Claude Parpaglione - Italy/France

Amy Paul - India

David Paul - India

Joseph Puthussery - USA

Barbara Piper-Roelofs - Netherlands

Eliana Ponce de Leon Reeves – USA

Célia Queiroz - USA/Brazil

Jen Raynes - USA

Andrea Riedmayer - Germany

Karin Rohlfs - Germany/USA

Nihal Sahan   USA

Marie-claude Sannazzari – France

Rama Saripalle – USA/India

Erwin Schmitt - Germany

Heike Schmitz - Germany/USA

Meryem Danışmaz Sevin – Turkey

Sue Linville Shaffer - USA

Ratnesh Sharma - USA

Jacqueline Shinefield - USA

David Shoup - USA

Alena Skrbkova- USA/Czechoslovakia

Bridget Steed - USA

Zhenrong Su – China 

Leena Sujan – USA/India

Emilia Suviala -  USA/Finland

Ning Tang – China

Shruti Tewari - USA/India

Svetlana Tikhonova - USA/Russia

Armin Touserkanian - Iran

Raymond Vercruysse- USA

Justin Wilson - Canada

Yuen Wu - China

Pınar Kütük Yılmaz - Turkey

Philip C. H. Yuen - China

Jiayuan Zhang – China

Ruoyun Zhu – China

This is an international all-volunteer group whose mission is to help parents, educators, and caregivers of children to cope with disaster-related stress affecting themselves and children. We do this through the free global distribution of Disastershock: How to Cope with the Emotional Stress of a Major Disaster.

If you would like to join our volunteer team in providing translation into additional languages or assisting with distribution to different countries please contact us

Dr. Brian Gerrard gerrarb@usfca.edu, Dr. Sue Linville Shaffer drsueshaffer@gmail.com. We welcome everyone!  

Watch this brief video by Dr. Suzanne Guirado, co-author of Disastershock, describing common stress responses of children to the pandemic and effective ways parents can reassure their children.

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